Lessons I’ve Learned

Plans Fail- God Doesn’t
When I was 18 years old I thought I had my whole life planned out. I was accepted into this University that offered this really unique academic program. I met friends who shared similar beliefs as I did. They welcomed me with open arms and took me swing dancing. I thought things would work out but God had different arrangements. My fear and doubt were apart of Gods plan, I simply wasn’t ready for the blessings He had for me. Now here I am, telling you- your plans may fail but God will not. Sometimes I think about the past and compare my current life to it. I start beating myself up and thinking thoughts like maybe my life would be different if I didn’t do this or that. Thoughts like, maybe my life is like this because when I was 18 I screwed it up. Yet, as my mind begins racing, I remind myself that those choices were nothing in the eyes of God. He knew what was going to happen. He knows everything. He has always provided for me and been there for me. He loves me. Instead of writing in your planner all the things you have to do or all the things you want to do. I challenge you to STOP. Take a deep breath and relax. Live in the moment. Take it day by day because you can waste years of your life planning things out that are never meant to be. Trust the unknown. “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” – Corrie Ten Boom

Emotions Are Temporary
The year after high school was an essential learning period for me. I spent a lot of time stuck in emotions that were only meant to be temporary. A man named Mooji said, “Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go.” He couldn’t have been more right. Emotions are perfectly fine- until you let them control you. Recently, I got rid of ALL social media which was a great decision for me. I’m not consumed with everyone else or comparing my life to anyone. I am living my life for me and I can feel what I chose to feel. I have FREEDOM and I couldn’t be more at peace.

Not Everything That Happens Is Meant To Make Sense- Trust The Process               Similar to getting stuck in emotions sometimes its easy to get stuck trying to understand certain things. I believe that nothing is a consequence. I believe that everything happens for a reason and because I believe that- I find myself searching for the reason why certain things happen. In searching for reasons-I drive myself mad. I’ve learned to trust the process. When something happens good or bad I just remember everything happens for a reason. Things are never that good or bad as they seem. The best thing to do is just be present and live in the moment- no matter what.

Family Is Important- Don’t Forget
In the years post high school I’ve learned that family is important. They are above friends and boys. Family is there to pick you up when you are down. They see you for you and you don’t have to hide how you really feel in front of them. I’ve learned that I’d rather tell my mom about my day then my best friend. I love my family. Family is important- don’t forget that.

Fight For A Better Life- The Life You Want
I used to believe that quote, the one that said, “Everything that’s meant to be will work out perfectly.” That’s complete BS. I don’t believe that. I think you have to fight. You have to break through every single wall that’s blocking your path. When obstacles are put in your way, don’t give up. Lately, I’ve had tons of obstacles come in my way but I’m still hanging on. I encourage you to hang on with me. Because if there is something you really want-like a better life. Fight for it. Be positive and don’t give up.

Be Happy- Because Its A Choice
If there is anything I’ve learned in life is that you control your happiness. Your job, your friends, your boyfriend, your choices do not make up your happiness. You make up your happiness. You wake up every single day and decide to be happy. It’s a daily choice to feel how you want to feel. I used to be guilty of letting my happiness be defined by having a boyfriend, friends and even likes on a profile picture on Facebook. It was only when I disconnected from social media, limited my friend list and focused on myself that it hit me I am unhappy because I am letting all these other things make up my happiness. DO NOT let your happiness be based off of anything or anyone- but yourself. .

Be Positive
I used to always think the word positive was defined by people who ran around smiling all the time, the people who were outgoing , and even the people who seemingly had the most perfect life based off of what they showed on social media. Yet, I was wrong. Positive is not what you display its how you feel. Similar to feeling happy, being positive is a choice. A feeling. I could choose to wake up tomorrow and be completely negative. I could tell myself, “I don’t want to go to work today, UGH!” Or I could simply, go to work and be positive. Being positive and happy go hand in hand. They are both something you can control and are based off of how you chose to feel.

Trust God- Seek Him
Above all- Seek God! He loves you! I’m imperfect. I don’t read my Bible daily. I listen to Christian music and write about my faith but I’m just like you- living in this broken, sinful world trying to find my way. I have God though, I know He’s with me and helping me every single day. “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6, (NIV). 

4 thoughts on “Lessons I’ve Learned

  1. God will continue to bless you so never give up, You are stronger than you realize, You have been on your own for two years now, have had ups and downs and yet you never give up just as God will never give up on you, I will never give up on you either, I am always going to be here for you Laura, I love you with all my heart dear, God bless you. Love mom

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