Big Sisters

In honor of my big sister, Heather who recently returned to the U.S after serving overseas, I wanted to dedicate this blog to her. Those of us who have a big sister know how truly wonderful it is. We have someone we can turn to in the good and bad times, and we have someone who understands us. The following is a list of some reasons that make big sisters so amazing and why we little sisters are so lucky!!

  1. She’s there for you Your big sister is there for you. She tells you things you don’t want to hear, she is honest and real with her advice. She cares what happens to you and doesn’t want to see you hurt.
  2. She’s your role-model Your big sister has been there since day one being an example. You learn from watching her. You know how to curl your hair because you’ve seen her curl hers perfectly, you know how to stand up for yourself and carry yourself because your sister has set a perfect example. She is someone you have always admired and looked up to. She’s the person you know you can trust, the one who will steer you back to the path if you get lost.
  3. Your known as her little sister If your big sister is as awesome as mine then it is an honor to be known as her sister.
  4. She keeps your secrets Sure you can tell your secrets to your closest friends and pinky swear trusting they won’t tell a soul. However, when you have a big sister, you can trust that she won’t say anything. What is said between you two- stays between you two.
  5. You trust her with your feelings Sometimes its hard to express your true feelings with friends. But with your sister you can express freely, knowing that there won’t be any judgement whats so ever. Because blood is blood and that triumphs over everything.
  6. She understands your family You know those times when you get in a huge fight with your mom? Those times where you feel upset because of something a family member said? Your sister, completely understands your family- because she is your family after all.
  7. She supports you no matter what Your sister knows how it is to fail, and how it is to succeed. She wants nothing but the best for you and is constantly supporting you.
  8. She’s more than your sister She’s the person you can be honest with, she’s your support, she’s your blood, she’s your friend for life.

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