You can’t start over

I used to always think that when things went wrong or I wanted a new beginning… I could start over. After high school, I remember I created a new Facebook account because I wanted a “fresh start.” I had that account for two years before getting rid of it.  Today, I am free of all social media, except Instagram which I hardly get on. I no longer feel the need to start over. I live in today.

“Starting over” is a waste of my time and yours. Starting over can result in doing all these crazy/ irrational things because you are so caught up in what “could be” instead of “what is.” Trust me, Starting over results in being alone! At least physically.. Your time will be spent cutting people out of your life, changing your number, etc. Yet, if you want a “new start” why don’t you just nourish the relationships you have, be honest with people/yourself and live in today.

I’m sure you have your moments were you wish you had better relationships, more opportunities, a better life, etc… Yet how do you expect to get all those things if you are constantly wanting to start over?  There is no such thing as starting over. You can’t start over, you will always be you. The only difference is you think you have started over because your number is different and you don’t connect with people you used to connect with. News flash: You are fooling yourself! Why waste your time wishing things were different? That if you can just get a fresh start things will be different? NO. STOP. STOP. STOP. Nourish the relationships you have, be honest with others, love yourself, love God, keep growing and learning all while being present. Life is too short to start over.

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