An open letter to myself

Listen and listen good,

Look at yourself. No, stand up and walk to a mirror and take a long hard look at yourself. See the flaws on your face, notice the features that make you feel beautiful. But above all look at yourself from within. You are not merely outside layers. You are more then what the outsider sees. You are made up of feelings and experiences that no one can take away. The past few years have been a journey. You were once a lost soul, indecisive at times and unsettled. Today you are a soul fulfilled within the Lord. It is because of Him you are where you are today. So yeah smile. Smile so big and be proud. Be proud of yourself at how far you’ve come. You are no longer afraid of change. You are no longer holding onto past experiences or people. You are no longer hurting. You are no longer stuck in those moments of sadness and shame. Moments spent wasted in a dark room. You let the light in. You were baptized last August. You are in the beginning part of a new chapter in life. I know doubts appear in your mind occasionally but do not listen to those lies. Doubt your doubt before you doubt your faith. The Lord has lead you this far so hold onto His faithfulness and love. The Lord is in control- give it all to Him. He knows what He is doing. Understand that there are going to be times when you mess up but those times will not define you. Those times of mistakes will shape you into a better person. Choose to learn from the mistakes you make and be confident along the way. Be confident in who you are. Know that no one will ever be you. Know that you a unique and special in your own way. Whatever you don’t like about yourself someone else will love. Your complaints are blessings to others– remember that. So next time you find yourself complaining or feeling negative just STOP and BREATHE. Ultimately, Remain loyal to what you value and what you believe. Remain true to yourself and love every piece of who you are. Keep growing. Keep learning about yourself and never stop.


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