Real love on Valentine’s Day 

Today’s a national holiday called, Valentine’s Day. In elementary school I rememeber passing out these little cards to my friends that said, Happy Valentine’s Day.” As I got older I took things a step further. I began buying flowers, chocolates and gifts for those I loved. I also began receiving those things from my loved ones.

Today as I scroll through the pictures on my Instagram feed, I see many of my peers from high school as well as family members and celebrities posting pictures with their loved ones/significant others. I’m sure you see the same thing, right? Well I don’t know about you but seeing all that made me realize something about a day like today. A day where everything screams girly and shines pink- this is a day where it’s easy to feel so loved. Yet it’s also a day many unfortunately feel so unloved.

I want to encourage you today. If you’re reading this right now I want you to know, you are not alone. As I write this I can tell you with no bitterness or unhappiness that I have no boyfriend, I’ve never been in love and I have few friends. This past year 2016, I spent mostly alone. It was extremely hard to get off work and go to my room because I knew I had nobody to hang out with on my off time. But I learned to be my own best friend. I learned to love myself. I learned to grow closer to God through scripture, prayer and of course K-Love radio.
2016 was a lonely year yet also a critical year. Fast forward to today, I’m reminded of last year and how I felt at times. When the world seems to be going on living and enjoying life with no worries… it can feel so strange to be in the middle of it, (hope I’m making sense, stay with me!)

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that… you’re not alone and you are loved even if you don’t feel loved. Oh how you’re loved. I talked about last year because today kind of reminds me of last years vibes. Getting on social media and seeing everyone all loved up, feeling alone, almost isolated, etc. It can be way too easy to fall into a victim mentality. BUT- the sweet, amazing truth is that- we are more than conquerors through Christ and He loves us infinitely and unconditionally (reference bible).

So I may spend tonight alone- but guess what? I have Jesus so I’m never truly alone. And I can always turn to Him. If I’m honest I think I finally understand (yet still have to remind myself of) that- no one on this earth 🌏 is ever going to love me the way Jesus can. It’s hard to explain but when I spend time seeking Him or even staying in communication with Him- I feel so loved. I’m starting to really learn how to love others too. I honestly just feel like whenever I spend time with God He puts more love in my heart. How cool is that guys?!

Maybe it’s not about falling in love with someone but falling in love with your Creator and letting Him love you. All of you. I hope you know you are loved just as much on today as you are any other day.

PS: would love to hear if this post helped you in any way or what you thought of this post! Please comment! XOXO

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Writing to encourage others of the hope that rests in Jesus Christ. We are free, loved and worthy because of HIM. Some things I enjoy: being at the ocean and listening to the peaceful sounds of the waves, getting lost in nature and exploring Gods beautiful creation, writing and sharing my thoughts with others in the hopes of making a positive difference in their lives. I enjoy this life and I hope you'll join me in this journey! 1 Timothy 4:12, "Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity."

7 thoughts on “Real love on Valentine’s Day 

  1. I appreciate it and I can’t wait to read more from you as well! XO


  2. Thank you so much for your support Lennart. I hope I am somehow making a difference in the Kingdom of God.


  3. So happy you got relate. It’s hard sometimes to keep my relationship with the Lord strong but the great thing about Him is He never leaves us. Sending good thoughts your way, thanks for stopping by. XO

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  4. I can relate to this so much! Falling in love with God already makes us a part of the greatest love story ever told. Anything else we get is just extra love 🙂

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  5. My Dear Sister.
    Your post made me almost speechless so I can say only this:

    Thanks for the love you are pouring out through your writings, and thanks for the lovely picture! You are so beautiful!

    Love from Lennart in Sweden

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