Love & grace 

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I guess it’s so easy to get caught up in the business of life that I forget to make time for the things I enjoy. Writing has always been an outlook for me. A way to get my emotions and feelings out in a healthy, collective way. I’ve recently decided to start journaling again and making it a habit.

Tomorrow I’m going back to work from vacation. The past few weeks have flown by and if I think about it the past few months have flown by as well. Time just doesn’t stop, it keeps going. Seasons change, time changes and people keep growing. People grow into who they want to be, even if it’s longer then they want. Lately, I’ve been learning to be easier on myself… to not be so hard on myself. But to have it in my mind what I have to do and just do it. I worry about weird things like, I hope I’m not one of those persons who talks about something and never does it. In reality what does it matter?

What god has shown me lately is it doesn’t matter about what you do, what you say but really what matters is how you treat yourself and others. Do you treat yourself with love and grace? Do you treat others with love and grace? If I’m honest I don’t always do the best I’d like to because emotions and circumstances try and get in my way. I shouldn’t let them though. Love and grace shouldn’t be something only done when things go perfectly smoothly or when you can see the road ahead.

I guess that’s why God brings people into our lives or puts us in situations we don’t understand… to show us His love and grace… to help us understand how we can be better.  So even though I’m not where I want to be I’m learning to be content with where I am, to let go, not be hard on myself and treat people with love and grace.

I’m lucky because God has been showing me His love and His grace through a certain someone the past year. I think I’m learning to love better and be more graceful… at least I hope so. It really is a journey but it’s worth it.

Today think about how you can show more love and grace to others and thank the God above for never failing to show His.

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