2017 reflection

22 days until its a new year! 2017 sure did fly by and just like in 2016 I’m going to do a reflection post on this year. The following is a list of things I’ve learned this year:

God fulfills the desires of our hearts because He’s still teaching us + helping us grow 

Gods love + grace OVER self love

Another thing God has shown me this year is self love is great and all but it’s not enough on its own. This year I’ve realized I kept having some of the same conversations with God. ‘Why can’t I love myself? I just want to happy!’ In the midst of my frantic questions, I’ve learned self love quotes aren’t enough, self empowering quotes aren’t enough because when they stand alone, they will fail. There are days when I can wake up and decide I don’t want to love myself. Self love is a choice I have everyday, to love myself or not. The reason I can make the choice to love myself everyday is by reminding myself of Jesus’ love. When I remind myself what Jesus did for me on that cross… I don’t have to struggle with self love and I won’t because I know I’m loved because of Jesus great Love. 

Take the pressure off- focus on the present without being overwhelmed by the big picture 

It’s okay to have goals and dreams, to do lists to complete and work to get done. It’s not okay to focus so much on the big picture that I begin to forget the present. This year, I learned that it’s about being present in every moment. I feel like for the past few years, I’d get so caught up in who I wanted to be, who I desired to be, that I’d forget to focus on the present. Before I knew it I’d become overwhelmed with completing my simple to do lists and doing my hobbies because I had put too much pressure on myself. It’s about living every day and enjoying every moment, it’s not about all this pressure to become who I want to be… it’s about accepting who I am. 

Life’s a process- enjoy it

Instead of rushing my life… I’ve learned to take life day by day. 

So I guess I’ve learned a lot this year. I’m exiting for what is in store for next year. I really want to make a difference and more of an impact on this earth. I’m hoping this blog can grow… more into a community that inspires and lifts each other up. I don’t know. I’ll guess I’ll see what happens with time.

What have you learned this year? Thanks for reading as always.

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