Seasons of hope

Seasons of hope. Seasons of doubt. Which one sounds more appealing? I’d say: seasons of hope. Last week, I wrote about how for the past few months I was dealing with doubt. However, if I’m honest what I really meant was worry. Now that things have cleared up a little in my life (aka I have a plan and know what I’m working towards) I feel like my eyes are opened. The root of my worry and “seasons of doubt” was due to the fact that, I chose to worry and doubt instead of trusting God.

Instead of embracing the last year in a chapter that was recently closed, I spent it miserable and consumed with worry over the future. I missed out on truly embracing and enjoying moments I’ll never get again. The past few months can never be done again. I realized the root of my worry and doubt was not only because I chose it but because I was putting all this pressure and time limit on the future.

Time is going to go by no matter what… that’s life. But choosing to worry and causing stress because I’m not where I thought I’d be… is ridiculous. My journey is my own, it does not have to look like others. I do not have to put pressure or time limits on my life. I need to take life day by day- working towards my future- one day at a time.

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