Put it in perspective.

God is not asking you to complain, or to waste your life worrying, yet you do.

What is the problem with not knowing what tomorrow holds?

What is the problem with taking your time with the journey?

Why do you need to see what’s around the bend before you trust

that you are safe

that things will work out.

Perspective is everything.

The enemy will make us believe that what we don’t know and what we don’t see is crippling, that we should live in stress and take our anger out on others.

Life is too short for that.

To live in a way that’s unsettling.

Can’t you see?

The Holy Spirit wants to speak to you, but your eyes are too busy being fixed on what’s ahead that your ears become closed to The Presence

Don’t let your heart become closed to all that He’s doing

to all that He’s done for you

Things don’t always work out the way you want them to, but they work out how they are meant to

So I beg you, stop wasting your days

Unhappy, complaining and worrying

Life is too short

For they will judge anyway, for they know not what they do

Enjoy life before it’s gone before your eyes

-take the blinders off


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