2019 Review


2019 was the year I was waiting for. It was the year I spent almost 4 years dreaming and planning for. 2019 caught me off guard. When 2019 arrived I was over 6,000 miles away from home on opposite time zones. I was in a place where I was away from my usual, easy fast paced life. I started out the year in this place where I knew I had to do something different. I knew I had to get ready for the few months that were ahead of me. In the middle of 2019 I went home and immediately began preparing for a new chapter, one that I spent a long time dreaming about. That new chapter arrived quickly before I could even catch my breath. Throughout the rest of the year, I began to adapt to a new chapter, a new place, a new beginning. 2019 taught me to enjoy each and every day. Looking back on 2019, I learned that so much time can be wasted by wishing moments and days away because it’s not where you want to be. So much time can be wasted by not enjoying where God has you or where He wants you to be. I wasted 2019 but not taking action, by not trying to motivate myself to become who I wanted to be. I thought if my life didn’t look like how I wanted it to look like or how I dreamed it to look like, then why care? I learned in 2019, to always care about your life and yourself no matter what you are going through. I learned that life is truly what you make of it and every day is a new day. 2019 turned out to be the complete opposite of what I had been dreaming and planning for. In 2019, I struggled with accepting that life doesn’t turn out exactly how you want it to. I learned that sometimes you take a detour to get to where you want to be. and that’s okay. I learned that I wasted so much time by dreaming and planning, that when 2019 arrived I couldn’t even enjoy it. 2019 taught me overall to stop freaking planning and dreaming about how you want things to look…. and enjoy things are. You create your future. You create your life. Each day is a new day. Embrace each day and do not consume yourself with tomorrow.


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