About the author


Hi! I’m Laura and I’m in my mid twenties. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember but I never made my writing public until recently. In 2017, I took the step of faith and finally decided to make my writing (this blog) public. I know that words carry a lot of weight and it is one of my deepest desires that my words are kind and hold meaning to others. Through my writing I’ve been able to heal and allow hope into my life. It is my desire that my words not only hold meaning to others but that they impact others in a positive way. Throughout this blog, I’ll be sharing my life, interests, stories, etc. as well as my lifestyle. This blog is more than a personal blog as I will be sharing with you my journey to a more natural life. As we fail and fall together, let’s remind ourselves God has given us a spirit of courage and confidence. In the world today, we can easily feel like we don’t measure up at times. We have a God who has given us courage to speak up. And I’m so grateful God has given me the courage to finally speak up. I believe each one of us is free loved and worthy because of Jesus Christ. I pray that you will begin to feel that way also. I hope that by sharing my words with you, you find a sense of peace, comfort and love. Overall, this is a blog where I hope to encourage you, teach you and walk with you in this natural, sustainable way of living… while aligning our hearts in faith and confidence. As we go into each season, may we align our hearts and minds to the things He wants us to see.

With love and kindness,