What sustainable living means to me:

“Sustainable living is a practice of reducing my demand on natural resources. It means I am choosing actively to pursue a life where I am reducing my impact on the Earth. I do this by implementing little changes into my life that over time make a big difference.”

Ways I implement sustainable living (and how you can too): 

  • Minimalism- having less of things but more of what you will actual use and using materials to their full potential and purpose. (clothes, skincare products, jewelry, etc. basically everything-you name it). For example, having clothes that you actually wear and will have for years. 
  • Buy secondhand- finding hidden treasures in thrift stores and confinement stores, instead of being like everyone else consuming and consuming all for the latest trends. For instance, instead of buying from new clothes from a store at the mall, buy secondhand at a local thrift store. Trust me you can still find all of the high end brand clothes there and you can even find really, really cute clothes at a fair price.
  • Ditch the plastic. It’s bad enough plastic is everywhere nowadays because its cheap to produce but it’s even worse that its slowly destroying our earth and our marine life in the oceans. For instance, Slowly incorporate reusable products into your life. Find reusable organic cotton canvas totes as use those instead of plastic bags for shopping. Use glass for a water bottle and stainless steel for a to go coffee cup. Use reusable organic cotton bags instead of zip lock baggies for your food. 
  • Make your own homemade cleaning and bath&beauty products. For instance, instead of buying each new trendy skin care product that comes out promising glowing, healthy skin, do your research and you’ll find so many great, natural alternatives to those “trendy products” that do even better for your skin. Your skin is your largest organ so treat it right using natural products that you can make yourself for cheap.

What ethical living means to me:

“Ethical living is a philosophy of making decisions for my daily life that take into account my ethics and moral values of consumerism, sustainability, the environment, wildlife and animal welfare. It’s a personal decision I make every day where I simply ask myself the question, “Is what I’m doing aligning with my ethics and beliefs” If the answer is no, then I need to pause and rethink my action.”

How I implement ethical living (and how you can too):

  • Knowing my values and understanding them. 
    Applying my values in practice. 

Ways I implement ethical living (and how you can too):

  • Being mindful of my food choices. Not restricting myself to any certain diet- (because there’s way too many options out there and I believe in moderation) but being conscious of what I choose to eat. Limiting my meat intake, buying organically sourced produced and buying locally.
  • Not buying from fast fashion brands. Shopping secondhand. 
  • Always thinking of the origin. Every time I purchase an item- I ask, where did this come from? Buying fair trade, organic and local whenever I can.

So now that we have sustainable and ethical living broken down along with some ideas. What ways are you living more sustainable? What ways are you living more ethical? 

With love and kindness,